Benefit from PDF to Excel for Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Lion/Snow Leopard

Does the database system in your company only export PDF format? Vendor lists, product information or price lists, they are all saved in PDF! Do you struggle when you need to manage thousands of customers’ information? For example, you have a list about your target market in PDF. How can you filter the female customers in NYC from a list with 8,000 rows, 14 columns list? It takes seconds in Microsoft Excel but you might spend a whole day if you can’t change the PDF into Excel. In PDF, everything is not easily manageable.

Yes, you can convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet, but unfortunately, if you do a quick search of the keyword “PDF to Excel” on Google, it will bring up a lot of products but most of them seem to be for PCs. Is there any way to change PDF to Excel in Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion? Yes, use Firstarsoft PDF to Excel Converter for Mac. If you’re looking for PDF to Excel tool for Windows PC as well, try Firstarsoft PDF to Excel Converter. Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

Download the free trial version below to have a try! Choose the right version for your computer.

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Benefits from PDF to Excel for Mac

  • Accuracy Firstarsoft PDF to Excel will export PDF tables to Excel spreadsheets with the original PDF layout and formatting greatly preserved. You do not need to adjust the data. Everything on the PDF will be moved to the output Excel spreadsheets.
  • Efficiency Try to imagine if you have 20 vendors supplying more than 50 products, each of them sends you a specification of each product in PDF. Let’s do the math, how many PDF files will you get? How many hours does it take to import all the data into database? Firstarsoft PDF to Excel for Mac OS X Mountain Lion allows you to convert 50 PDF files at one time. And if necessary, you can also choose a particular page range to convert as well.
  • Support password protected PDF Sometimes people would like to add security to the PDF files to protect PDF from copying, editing and printing. If you happen have this kind of PDF files, do not worry, just use Wondershare PDF to Excel for Mac to extract tables from PDF to Excel worksheet.

With it, Mac users can easily reuse important information that held in column and rows in un-editable PDF format, for example, recalculate numbers,filter information, import data into ERP systems, re-order data and so on. Things will be much easier if they are moved from PDF into .xls spreadsheet.You may follow the steps below to convert PDF to Excel in Mac OS X Lion/Mountain Lion.

How to Use PDF to Excel for Mac

Step 1. Download Firstarsoft PDF to Excel for Mac
Click the Download button to download the PDF to Excel for Mac installation package. After you get the .dmg file, install it on your Mac.

Step 2. Import PDFs and set preferences for the output Excel spreadsheet
Double-click the quick start icon on the desktop. Drag and drop PDFs directly to app. And then go to PDF to Excel > Preferences…>Excel to set your preferences for the output Excel spreadsheet: Each page into a single Excel sheet or Combine all pages into a single Excel sheet.

PDF to Excel

Step 3. Convert PDF to Excel in Mac
Click the Convert button to begin the PDF to Excel conversion in Mac. In a few seconds, you’ll get all the Excel spreadsheets in the output folder.

PDF to Excel for Mac

Buy PDF Converter Pro for Mac Now! (Price: $79.95) Free Download PDF Converter Pro for Mac(For Free)

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