Best Google Docs PDF Editor-How to Edit PDF in Google Docs on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

Are you wondering whether you can edit PDF in Google Docs or not? If you type in “how to edit PDF on Google Docs” in the Google Search box, you will find that many people are asking the same question. The answer you get most likely to be”NO”. However, as a matter of fact, you can edit PDF on Google Docs.

You can edit both native and scanned PDF in Google Docs. Here I mean you can convert a PDF to Google docs format and then edit it on Google Docs. Later you can save the edited Google docs as a PDF file. Here are the steps. Sign in Google Docs with your Google Account. Then click the “Upload” button on the left side of the Google Docs main interface. Whenever you upload a scanned PDF file, a pop-up could ask you whether to convert the scanned PDF into Google docs or not. Just tick the options displayed in the pop-up. Then the Google Docs will extract texts from your scanned PDF. After this, just edit the text on Google docs.

convert pdf in google docs

  • Pro: It is totally free to use the Google Docs OCR technology to extract text from scanned PDF for further editing on Google Docs.
  • Con: It takes time to convert scanned PDF to Google docs. And if the PDF you edit on Google Docs is a scanned PDF, during the process of performing Google OCR, the original formatting and layout will be lost.

Google Docs Alternatives to Edit a PDF File

Yes, it is free to edit a PDF in Google Documents. I do appreciate what Google has done for Internet users. However, Google Documents doesn’t allow me to export a satisfying PDF. During the process, the formatting, layout of the PDF are lost. I do not blame it. After all, Google Docs is more of a Word processor than a PDF Editor. To export a more satisfying PDF, we have to turn to a professional PDF editor.

To edit PDF files, say, modifying the text, inserting a line of text, or cropping an image, I’d like to use Firstarsoft PDF Editor, a professional app that has won a great reputation in editing PDF file. Here are some steps for how to edit PDF on Firstarsoft PDF Editor.

Download Firstarsoft PDF Editor to Edit PDF files!

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  • To insert text or modify text, click the Home menu, and then click “Edit Text”. Move mouse to the PDF file where you’re going to insert text, double-click the text block to enter the newly text.
  • To add blank pages, images, bookmark, link, or watermark to a PDF file, click the Insert menu to select the corresponding tools to carry out the editing.
  • To manage PDF pages, Firstarsoft PDF Editor offers you several options: Delete Page, Extract Page, Crop Page, Merge Document, Split Documents, etc.

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Buy PDF Editor Now(Price: $69.95)Free Download PDF Editor(For Free)

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