Best PDF Image Remover on Windows/Mac-How to Remove Images from PDF Files on iMac or PC

Some people told me that it is quite easy to insert an image into a PDF file. However, it seems it is very hard to remove an image from a PDF document. As a matter of fact, it is very easy to remove a picture from a PDF file as well if you find a professional PDF editing tool. This article is s step-by-step guide for how to remove images from PDF files.

Step 1. Download and install PDF Image Remover
Well, to remove images from a PDF file, a PDF editing tool is needed. Here, you can try my recommendation: Firstarsoft PDF Image Remover (for Windows) or Firstarsoft PDF Image Remover for Mac. Both of them are professional PDF editing tools to remove pictures. Download the right version for your computer. And then install it on your computer.

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Step 2. Remove PDF images
Launch Firstarsoft PDF Editor and open the PDF file you’re going to remove images from with it.

On Windows PDF Editor, click the Edit tool in the Home menu. This tool allows you to edit PDF text, images, and graphics. And then move your mouse over the PDF file to select the image(s) you desire to remove. After selecting the image(s), press the Delete key on your keyboard. Or click on the PDF file, select Delete from the right-click menu.

remove images from PDF

On Mac Windows PDF Editor, click the Touchup tool in the toolbar. And then click to select the image you want to remove. Press the Delete key to remove it. Or you can right-click the image to reveal the menu. From the menu, select Delete.

This is about how to use a PDF image remover to remove images from PDF files. Only in 2 steps, you’ll achieve your goal instantly. After removing an image from a PDF file, you can move the text block to where the removed image used to be. Download the PDF Image Remover to remove pictures from PDF right now!

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