Google Books PDF Password Remover/Editor-How to Edit Google Books Downloaded PDF Files

Google Books is one of the best places for downloading e-books, novels, reports, magazines, journals, etc. Cooperated with high-profile universities and public libraries, like Harvard (Harvard University Library), Stanford (Green Library) and the New York Public Library, Google Books is the largest non-profit public library for netizens all around the world. In May, 2011, it is said that Google Books have 1 million public domain books, which normally could be free downloaded as PDF files. Downloading PDF files from Google Books is easy. However, when comes to editing PDF files, it takes a little elbow grease.

These downloadable PDF files from Google Books are customary public domain books. It means the copy rights of these books are expired. However, sometimes Google still add restrictions to these files, preventing them from copying. And as you might have found that many classic books you’ve downloaded from Google Books are scanned PDF files. It is impossible to copy or edit on them. If you just want to copy or print the restricted PDF files, you can use Firstarsoft PDF Password Remover to crack the restrictions that Google added to its PDF books. If you want to copy or edit the Google Books PDF files freely, there are two ways you can adapt.

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How to edit PDFs from Google Books

Edit the PDF directly on your Mac. To edit PDF directly in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, you try Firstarsoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac. It is a professional PDF editing tool was specially designed to edit native and scanned PDF file. You’re able to add or delete text, images as well as add annotations. Additionally, you can also convert these PDF files to commonly used formats, say, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, EPUB , TEXT, etc. If you’re a Windows user, try the Windows PDF Editor.

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