How to Delete Pages from PDF files,Remove PDF Pages on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

Need to delete pages from a PDF file, but do not know how? Some people tell me that they’re disappointed by Adobe Reader, because the famous app doesn’t allow them to delete PDF pages. In fairness, Adobe Reader is just a PDF reader, not a PDF editor. So it is understandable that it doesn’t allow users to delete PDF pages.

To delete pages from PDF, a PDF editing tool is needed. To save your precious time in looking for a sutiable tool, I suggest you try Firstarsoft PDF Editor for Windows 8. With it, just in 2 or 3 clicks, you’ll sucessfully delete pages from PDF files. Let’s learn the steps for how to delete PDF pages with Firstarsoft PDF Editor.

Step 1. Download and install Firstarsoft PDF Editor
Click the download button to download Firstarsoft PDF Editor installation package. And then install the PDF app on your computer. If you’re a Mac users using an iMac, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, try Mac Firstarsoft PDF Editor.

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Step 2. Delete PDF pages

  • On Windows PDF Editor, click the Open icon to open the PDF you’re going to delete pages. Go to the Pages Menu on the tool bar, and in the menu, select “Delete Page”. When a prompt pops up, select delete current page or set the page ranges to delete.
  • On Mac PDF Editor, open the PDF file that you’re going to delete PDF pages from. And then click Document > Delete Pages. And then in the prompt, enter the specific page or page ranges you’d like to delete from the current PDF file.

delete pages from PDF

This is about how to delete PDF pages in Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. It is easy, isn’t it!

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