Windows 8/7/XP/Vista Best PDF Form Software-Create, Edit and Fill out PDF Forms on PC

Are you looking for PDF form software to create, edit, or fill out PDF forms? If so, you should take Firstarsoft PDF Editor as a try. It is a comprehensive PDF solution. With it, you’re able to read, create, edit, and fill out PDF forms easily and quickly. It is fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.

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Read and fill out PDF forms
As a powerful PDF form tool, Firstarsoft PDF Editor empowers users to read and fill out PDF forms. Whenever a PDF form is opened with this PDF form software, all the interactive fields are highlighted for users to fill out. To fill in blanks which are not interactive fields, users just need to go to the Insert Menu > select Text tool, click the blank area to enter right text. Besides, if you have the original form and collected data for the form, after opening the form, click Import in the Forms Menu, you’ll import the collected data to the form. After filling out a PDF form, you’re capable of adding your signature to the PDF form to declare the status of the form.

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Create and edit PDF forms
As one of the best PDF form tools, Firstarsoft PDF Editor lets users create PDF forms from templates and edit PDF forms. After you open a PDF form template with this PDF form software, in the Form Menu, click Edit Field to enter the editing mode. And then you can edit all the interactive fields: delete, insert, or revise. To enter text to explain options, go to Insert, click Text. Click on the PDF form to type text.

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Export PDF form data
Sometimes, if you’ve distributed PDF forms for a research or survey, you might need to export PDF form data for further usage. In this case, you are able to convert PDF forms to Excel or in the Forms Menu, click Export to export PDF form data as FDF (Form Data Format). When you need the data, click Import to import it into the PDF form.

Buy PDF Editor Now(Price: $69.95)Free Download PDF Editor(For Free)

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